Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

Truth. Growth. Transformation.    


There is more to life than mediocre. Kristin had a hard time accepting this too. She couldn't see what she could do to make her life better. It all happened to her. As if she didn't have a choice. She did though and so do you. Everyone has a choice but sometimes it's too scary and fear gets in the way. It's easy to walk away when fear is staring you in the face. It can be fear of the choice or fear of what people will think. Either way, you may not always follow through when maybe you should. The life that could be, once you do follow through, just might be better than right now.

Be willing to take a chance

It's not easy to work through life alone. Kristin can help you find your truth, grow into a more positive life, and transform into the person you've always wanted to be. It may sound simple to keep a positive mind but a lot of people have a hard time with this. Kristin still has moments of despair when nothing seems to go right. That's part of life. Everyone has their ups and downs. The point is to keep moving forward, even if it's the smallest baby steps. If you are moving forward, you are growing and becoming a better version of yourself. It is a lifetime job. The work is never over. Allow Kristin to guide you and show you some tools to work through those hard times and come out the other end a more joyful self.

treat yourself with kindness

Both yoga and coaching can be helpful when you hit a rough patch. Sometimes it helps to talk about your feelings, if you are stuck, unheard, or disrespected. Often the answer comes from within once you work through it with someone. Other times it is helpful to bring movement to the pain. Movement invites stuck energy that the body is holding to be released. Kristin brings the underlying themes of both yoga and coaching together. Promoting a life lived to the fullest, seeing the beauty and love in everything, and being joyful as much as possible. All of these things can bring a happier life. She'd love to show you the way.   



Yoga can be very healing. It allows you space to become still while you move your body. It can become easy for people to get stuck along the flow of life. Yoga helps get things moving both physically and mentally. Kristin is here to guide you through movement. Prefer a private setting? Let her create a customized class tailored to your needs. 



Coaching can allow for new ways of thinking by learning new tools to cope with life. Thoughts tend to drive a persons reality even if it's subconscious. Even a simple tweak can create a ripple of change that brings more happiness. It's better to make those changes with someone who is with you the whole way. Kristin is here for you on this journey.


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