Private Yoga Sessions


All yoga sessions are private and tailored to each person. A free in person meet up is required before booking more sessions. Clients can choose how many meditation and breathing practices will be used for each session.

Individual yoga session

Allow Kristin to guide you through a 60 minute private class in the comfort of your own home. Classes can be in person or via a video chat service of your choice. Each class is tailored to your desires and needs. Classes can be in different styles of Vinyasa, Restorative or Trauma Sensitive. Modifications will be provided for any injuries.

All props are provided for each session. Let Kristin know if you have props you would like to use in advance of an appointment.

Classes are $75 for 1 hour. There is an additional fee of $0.54/mile for any location farther than 15 miles from Charlestown, MA. If longer private sessions are requested, Kristin is happy to work out pricing with each individual client.

Vinyasa: Postures are presented in a flowing manner allowing the student to move smoothly from one posture to another. Beginner, gentle, intermediate and advanced levels are offered. Hands on adjustments may be given upon request.

Restorative: While using all the props, students are guided into different postures. Postures are held for several minutes in order for the student to rest in each one.

Trauma Sensitive: A class designed without touch and consistent forms for each session. Invitatory and interoceptive cues are given to invite the student the ability to choose and feel what sensations come up in each form.

Coaching and Yoga session

Each session is a total of 90 minutes. The session begins with coaching on one area for 45-60 minutes. At an appropriate time, the session will transition to restorative yoga. Emphasis will be put on postures that allow rest and a place for the coaching to settle in. Each session is tailored to the clients needs and is located in your home or via a video chat service of your choice. Sessions are $115.


Corporate Classes

Looking for a way to get your employees moving? Corporate classes are available at your location for $100 per hour.