Kind Words

"I wanted to regularly practice Tai Chi but was having a hard time getting myself to do it. I've known Kristin for years and know that we think similarly, in terms of self-improvement. If she had thought enough of this coaching program to become certified, I wanted to experience it.

She skillfully helped me peel back the layers of what was blocking me. Breaking down my seemingly overwhelming challenge into smaller, very solvable problems. Keying in on the fact that my problem wasn't wanting to practice, but getting myself to start. Also, comparing the challenging habit (Tai Chi) to a habit I keep easily (Feldenkrais) was very useful.

She's a great listener and has a great handle on a variety of tools that are great for getting 'unstuck'."


"I was having trouble with a coworker. I love my job but this one person was making my work days very unpleasant. I was finding that I dreaded working with her and would get anxious about going to work on the days that we worked together.  

Kristin is also a trained yoga teacher. I found that having experience in both the life coaching and yoga training has made her a very well rounded person. Kristin has a very calming aura. It was great to talk through my problems with her and find the positives in what I thought were very negative situations. I found peace in a situation that I could not change. She was able to open my mind to have a different perspective. 

I would very much recommend Kristin! She is really great at working with you through the situation at hand. Kristin opens your mind to think in ways that you wouldn't have thought possible."


"Over the years, I've thought about going to a therapist but never took action because it seemed so daunting. More recently, I've been dealing with a lot of stress at work and thought it was about time I at least spoke to someone. Hiring a coach seemed less daunting to me so I thought I'd give it a whirl. 

Kristin made me feel like I could open up and not just hide behind sarcastic comments like I usually do but really admit things about myself that will ultimately help me grow as a person. Through one of the exercises, she made me realize how I feel about myself as a manager which ultimately led to me applying what I learned the next day. Kristin empowered me to feel confident and assert myself as a manager. Being able to take what I learned and apply the very next day made me very excited to continue this process. I'm someone who usually gets defensive when people are trying to offer me advice so I was pleasantly surprised how Kristin was able to help me put those feelings aside."