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About Satya

The word satya has been a theme in Kristin's life for some time. Satya means truthfulness in Sanskrit, an ancient Indic language of India. She didn't know what that word meant until she started doing yoga. She began to see where she wasn't being truthful with herself. She is a people pleaser and it's easy for her to say yes to everything. She found herself even saying yes when she didn't want to. She works hard to prevent that from happening now. She thinks about each decision carefully to make sure she is staying in her truth. She still does things when she doesn't want to but she is more aware. Seeing is the first step to believing. This is a journey everyone is on and nobody is perfect.

Founded in 2016, Satya has become a place for Kristin to take her knowledge of healing herself and show it to as many people as possible. She wants to spread the word that everyone has the ability to live happy healthy lives and it all starts with yourself. Believe it or not, the answer has been with you the entire time. Kristin hopes it will change your life, the way it changed hers.

About Kristin O'Donnell

Kristin is a life coach and 200 hour certified yoga teacher. She always knew she wanted to help people but was never sure how. She discovered Martha Beck in 2014 and took her life coach training shortly after. The techniques she has learned from Martha have allowed her to find more joy than she ever has before.

During the training, she moved in with a boyfriend. It quickly became clear that it wasn't the right path for her. The training was helping her listen to her intuition and find where her heart needed to go. She wasn't quite ready to move out and figure out how to get back to Boston. She needed more help. 

She started working with a Martha Beck Life Coach in order to assist with her decision. She found it helped to work through this situation with her life coach. It allowed her to become clear about her needs. The moment she made her decision and started to move out, it was clear she had made the right choice. Her mood was lighter and freer. She knew that this new path was right. The work she learned in her coach training was setting her up for wonderful things. She felt compelled to do more with it. 

Shortly after completing the life coach training, she signed up for the 200 hour yoga teacher training under Carrie Tyler at Barre & Soul Harvard Square. She absolutely loved learning about yoga and spending time with her fellow classmates. Things started falling into place in a way that felt it was meant to be. She bought her first condo and it happened so easily that it seemed as though it was waiting for her.

With both yoga and life coaching, she felt it was time to leave the security of her full time job and take the leap to start her own business. It's like a dream. She couldn't ask for anything more. To be happy in so many aspects of her life shows that it is possible to shape your own destiny. Now she can do what she always wanted, she can help people. She can help them find their true path in this world now that she knows the way.

Satya written in Sanskrit.

Satya written in Sanskrit.